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Child development

Holistic care

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Homeopathic Specialists 

in Paediatric care

Integrated approach with supportive therapies

Early Developmental Issues

Learning &   Behaviours

Holistic approach to Child Development


We are dedicated to helping children achieve their best developmental & growth potential while being healthy and happy. Our focus areas are developmental disorders, Behavioural issues, Autism, ADHD, and learning disorders. 

  • Our team of Multidisciplinary Experts

  • Specialised Homeopathic Approach

  • Holistic Multi-dimentional care

  • Developmental Stimulus

Early signs of Autism

Children in the age group of 2 to 6 years, can thrive with Homeopathic treatment, with improvements in the areas of development, learning and behaviour.


The key outcomes of Homeopathic treatment are reduced hyperactivity, improved sitting tolerance, improved attention span and a reduction in aggressive behaviours. 

Stacking Blocks

Developmental Delay

Speech Delay and global developmental delay can be addressed with early intervention therapies and Homeopathic treatment. 

 Child Development tracker

Is your child's development on track? Check the milestone tracker.

Not every delay is a problem. Have questions?

Consult our experts for an assessment today, and be reassured. 

Child Developmental milestones tracker


Pramita, parent of a 7 yr old boy 

Our child was diagnosed at 2 yrs of age as High risk of Autism. With a speech delay and stubborn behaviours, we were anxious to get help for him. At Vaidya, we were given overall guidance along with Homeo treatment. He is 4 years old now and doing well in a regular school. Thanks to the support of the team & the supervision of his development. 

Raahul, Parent of a 9 yr old child with ADHD

We started treatment at Vaidya for our son's hyperactivity & behavioural issues when he was 6 yrs. We have found gradual & significant change in both. We were also guided through daily diet choices & advice around his exercise & activities. We have come a long way with the support & care for our child.

Thanks to the dedicated team of doctors who not only focused on treatment but also on giving the right guidance for us to support our daughter. Despite her high challenges, she is in good health and doing well at a special school today, and getting more independent by the day.

Smitha, Parent of a 12 yr old with ASD

Holistic Approach to health & Develpopment

Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy 

Diet and nutrition consultation

parent counselling

Explore opportunities for your child to be independent

Dr Madhuri Vaidyeswar founded the Mitra for Life Foundation which today supports the largest community of families of kids & youth with Autism and intellectual disabilities in India.

For Kids & youth with Autism & intellectual disabilities, we bring opportunities to be independent and to stand on their own feet in an Inclusive community. Parent support, Youth empowerment and peer interaction are the focus areas of work.

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