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Homeopathy for children

Vaidya child health

We help children reach their optimum developmental potential

Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar is a Homeopath specialised in paediatric health 

& neuro- development.  She is the founder-director of Vaidya Child health

in Jayanagar in Bengaluru. Her work focuses on learning & development in

children and has won her accolades. 

She is a consultant on child development at several schools & special schools in

Bangalore. She is passionate about preventive healthcare for children & immunity

based treatments. She is also the founder of “Mitra For Life”, an NGO which works

for the empowerment of Autism & special needs community in Bengaluru.

Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar’s skills and areas of expertise are in the Homeopathic

treatment of developmental disorders, Behavioural disorders in children,

Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and learning disorders. 

Working with young children in early intervention programs, Dr. Madhuri is a

consultant for pre-schools on child behaviour and development, and early

intervention. She runs ongoing consultations for children at special schools, working with 

parents and teachers in treatment and regular follow ups for developmental

disorders and behavioural disorders. 

Mitra for Life

A brainchild of Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar, Mitra for life is a non-profit organisation that works to facilitate integration of special needs children and young adults into society via peer interaction and socialising. "Mitra for life"s programs run in Bengaluru. Read more at


A Homeopathic doctor from the Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences,

Bangalore, Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar, has a DHM awarded by the British institute of Homeopathy, UK. She has trained at the Academy of Classical Homeopathy- Greece, under the world famous Homeopath Dr. George Vithoulkas. 


She set up Vaidya Homeopathic Clinic in 2005, working in the clinical setup with a focus on paediatric neurodevelopment and psychiatric issues. Since 2015 she has been a Homeopathic consultant for special schools, working closely with families, therapists and special educators to focus on the treatment of children with Autism, and developmental issues.


She is an NLP health coach, trained by Dr. Richard Mchugh in NLP, and uses her expertise in NLP (Neuro-inguistic Programming) in improving the individual child’s EQ, and creating programs to improve the independence and productivity of special needs children as they grow into teenage and adulthood. She has experience in project management for special schools and has won accolades at the women entrepreneurs program from IIM Bangalore.

Madhuri Vaidyeswar Homeopath Bangalore
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