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Dear Child

Holistic Support for your Child's Development

  • For parents of children with Autism, intellectual disabilities or developmental delays, in the age group of 2 to 12 years

A High Impact program for Parents, which will help you

  • Connect and understand your child better

  • Help them learn & develop with everything you do at home

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“This program helped me create a structure and a plan that I have been able to systematically implement for the past few months with my child"

Priya, Parent of a 5-year-old with a Developmental Delay

"The insight I got into my child's world has helped me connect better and teach him in a way we both enjoy"

Abhi, parent of a 9-year- old with ASD

“While I have done many other parent training and certification programs, I found Pranetra to be very practical-oriented and easy to implement for my child"

Vinitha, Parent of a 7-year-old with ASD

  • Prioritise & work towards your goals for your child

  • Plan and structure your child's activities at home

  • Get practical and functional approaches to learning that can be easily implemented at home

  • Sessions by Experts on a wide range of topics 

  • Recognising the child's strengths and potential

  • Speech and Language Stimulation at home; Occupational therapy; Behavioural therapy; Sensory Integration

  • Approach to academics; Play Therapy; Learning through art modalities

  • Diet & Nutrition; Emotional wellness

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- Online Program

- 10 sessions 

-Choose Live or watch at your convenience

For more details & queries, send a WhatsApp msg on +91-9740093408

 Sign up for a Free Introductory Session 

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