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Early Signs of Autism in Children: Recognising Key Indicators

Recognising the early signs of autism in children is crucial for timely intervention and support. Early diagnosis can make a significant difference in the developmental trajectory of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here are some common early signs of autism in children to watch for:

Social Interaction Challenges

  • Limited Eye Contact: Children with autism may avoid making eye contact.

  • Lack of Response: They may not respond to their name or other social cues.

  • Difficulty Understanding Emotions: Challenges in recognizing and interpreting others' emotions.

Communication Difficulties

  • Delayed Speech: Late development of spoken language or complete absence of speech.

  • Repetitive Speech: Echoing words or phrases (echolalia) instead of typical conversation.

  • Nonverbal Communication Issues: Difficulty using gestures, facial expressions, or body language.

Behavioral Indicators

  • Repetitive Movements: Engaging in repetitive actions like hand-flapping, rocking, or spinning.

  • Routine Adherence: Strong preference for routines and resistance to changes.

  • Intense Focus on Interests: Unusual or intense interest in specific topics or objects.

Sensory Sensitivities

  • Overreaction to Stimuli: Sensitivity to lights, sounds, textures, or tastes.

  • Underreaction to Pain: Unusual indifference to pain or temperature.

Developmental Delays

  • Motor Skills: Delays in fine and gross motor skills.

  • Play Skills: Preference for solitary play and limited imaginative play.

Recognising and Addressing Early Signs

Early recognition of autism signs in children is key to accessing support and interventions that can significantly improve their developmental outcomes.

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At Vaidya Child Development Clinic, we specialise in the early detection and treatment of autism. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalised care and support for children with autism and their families. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation and learn more about our services.

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