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Emotional bonding with family linked to better learning & development

Updated: May 27, 2019

Family fun time is essential for the child's healthy development

Children learn well when they are feeling happy and secure.

Children with behavioural or developmental issues benefit from creating an optimum environment, both at home and school. Tailoring their routines to optimise their energy levels, help control hyperactivity and behaviour.

Parent child play time, where parents bond with the child while playing a game or a sport or even over a hobby like art or music, can be extremely beneficial to the well being of the child.

Busy parents who have little time to spend with their children, may end up giving their children attention only for negative behavior, or during illness, which can create a pattern where the child has mild symptoms of illness or bad behaviours to gain the attention of the parents, or even spend time with them.

Dedicated parent-child time, where no smartphone/ tv is allowed can help the child feel secure and content. 

We are becoming very therapy centric today, giving more priority to the technical knowledge of how to teach a child, undermining the basic and instinctive need of the child for emotional security and bonding with parents and siblings. We need to achieve a better balance also between expectations from the child in terms of learning, and allowing the inherent need of the child to play. 

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