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Healthy snacking reduces mood swings in kids

Updated: May 27, 2019

Balance nutrition and taste to make healthy snacking a habit for the kids

It is important to strike a balance by providing good nutritive food, frequent smaller meals, to help children maintain good energy levels and avoid crankiness/ tantrums. 

These are general guidelines, and advice may vary based on the individual child. Please consult us for diet and nutrition advice for specific conditions. 

Post physical activity/ sport, children need healthy snacks which are filling, and it is important to avoid giving them junk food at this time."

  • Include two healthy snacks a day, apart from three main meals. 

  • Light Snacks can include a portion of fruit, dry fruits, nuts.

  • Ideas for filling snacks-

  • Usli/ sundal made of green gram

  • Paddu with grated vegetable

  • Panneer/ vegetable stuffed mini parathas

  • Avoid sugar, and use organic jaggery for mild sweetening, and also to prepare homemade sweets, like payasa/ kheer. 

  • Include a salad with lunch/ dinner. In the form of a raita/ sliced veggies

  • Curd and yogurt are healthy forms of dairy, which are generally beneficial for digestion.

  • Ajwain water helps keep the digestion normal.

  • Ginger, coriander seeds (dhaniya), turmeric and jeera boiled in water, and given with a little milk or jaggery helps reduce the tendency to colds and coughs.

  • A balanced inclusion of wheat/ milk in the daily diet is recommended based on the individual child, and need not be restricted in general

During our consultation, we look into the existing eating patterns and make changes where necessary, based on the requirements of the child. 

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