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Healthy homemade baby food ideas

Looking for substitutes for packaged baby food? Here are some great options right from the traditional Indian kitchens. Packed with nutrition and made with ingredients easily available in all our kitchens, these are a great way to avoid preservatives in packaged baby food.

This is a compilation of recipes from some of our favourite foodie sites. You'll find all the recipe links and videos attached with the note. Happy feeding your baby!

Homemade cereal porridge (Substitute for Ceralac)

Homemade cereal porridge to start babies on solids is best made at home to ensure the best and fresh ingredients and no added sugars as preservatives.

Homemade vegetable purees

Starting your baby on vegetable purees is a good option at 8 to 10 months, as the early signs of dentition begin in the baby. Ensure fresh vegetables, and avoid anything that has been sitting in your refrigerator for a while. Recipe here

Starting with textured foods

8 months+

As the baby starts sitting up and gets more active, the need for nutrition goes up. These are the best of age old grandma's recipes for baby foods.

Ragi Porridge Recipe

Used as a 'start with solids' baby food in Karnataka, this is a very nutritious food.

Recipe and image from

Fig and apricot puree

Helps prevent constipation in teething children.

Recipe and images from

For more ideas and information

Here's great reading with guidelines from Swasthi of

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