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Nutritious and tasty snack options for kids, the Indian way

Here are a few great healthy snacks at home ideas, some age-old grandma's recipes that are always a winner with kids, and some new-age recipes which are easy to make. This is relevant to kids 2-3 years plus. For baby foods, see our post here.

Here's a compilation of healthy snack recipes from one of our favourite sites, which has a treasure trove of recipes with easy instructions to make them. A great way to get the kids to eat healthy snacks and maintain good moods during these stay home times.

Besan ladoo

Rich in protein, a great option for an evening snack that can be made and stored.

Check this easy recipe from

Chana chaat

Rich in protein, a great option for an evening snack. Make the elements and get your child to assemble the dish.

Recipe from

Sprouts Salad

A good mid-morning snack. Sprout and store the green moong in the refrigerator to make at any time.

Recipe at

Dates Milkshake

A good way to get kids to have dates, which are a good source of vitamins. Use almond milk or coconut milk for a dairy free option. You can also use figs as an alternate to dates.

Recipe at


A simple crunchy snack with the goodness of raw vegetables, it is a hit with kids and a fun way to get the veggies in.

Sabudana Chilla

A filling snack, this can also be an option for breakfast.

Recipe at

Corn Chaat

A quick & easy snack the kids will love.

Recipe at

Palak Soup

A great way to get in nutritious greens, this can be an option for an evening snack, or a post-exercise meal.

Recipe at

Dry Fruits energy bar

Packed with vitamins and nutrients from dry fruits, this is perfect for kids who love chikki. Make ahead and store.

Recipe at

Peanut Sundal

An age old recipe from the South Indian kitchen, this is a simple yet nutritious snack. For a variation use green moong or black chana or Kabuli Chana as a substitute for peanuts.

A big thanks to the wonderful people at Hebbars Kitchen, we love the easy & quick recipe videos which help us eat healthier!

Do let us know what you tried out, and do share your favourite healthy snack list.

Happy healthy snacking!

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