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Play time is essential for Cognitive development

Updated: May 27, 2019

A child has a natural instinct to play and learn, make sure they have the opportunity to play everyday.

Young children need an hour of freestyle play daily. Playing in a park/ play area helps them explore their physical capacities, and helps significantly in development. Children of the pre-school age group, require an hour of focused physical play like a sport/ dance. Children 6 to 12 benefit from coached sport or exercise. Cycling, swimming, skating, running, gymnastics can all be extremely beneficial to children in the areas of reducing hyperactivity and promoting learning, and development.

Sports can keep hyperactivity under control, regulate appetite, and normalise sleep patterns."

Athletics, a simple sport with simple rules is a good choice, also easiest to find coaches and classes for athletics.

Swimming can be a good option during the warmer climates, important to find trained coaches, also extra care is required for special needs teens with epilepsy.

Gymnastics can bring a great flexibility coupled with fun, and fulfil a need for movement in autistic children who are vestibular.

The climbing, swinging and balance activities are a winner with highly autistic teens.

Yoga, a rigorous practice done under a trained teacher can be of great benefit, creating calm and balance.

A challenge to parents is this, give your child an hour of sport, followed by a light and healthy snack, and try teaching your child something new, and observe the ability to grasp, the attention span improved after the play.

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